Taking a Break from the Norm

When burning the ol’ yule log 2019, I had no idea that 2020 would be the show that it has been. Virtual graduation for Thang 3, lockdown, facemasks as an accessory (I do like my animal print masks BTW).
In spite of it all, there’s been some good. Really. If you look for it. I’m gonna to look every damn day.

So, it’s December 2020, and I’ve just just now decided to take a break from the norm.
My normal on this page is metal — those things I’ve learned over the course of my career, or in most situations, that day, that I’ve shared with you guys that read my totally awesome blog (insert smiley face, like right here).

It’s 2020 and freakin’ December, right?   Whodda thought in March this would be the year that it has turned to be?  For some of us, a good bit of us, 2020 has not really been that crazy of a year, if you really think of it.

Here’s why —
I’m working for an organization that said — “Work from home, Peg!”  OM freakin G!  Really?! No way!

As a mom of a special needs child (he’s an adult now) having this opportunity BITD would have been a HUGE plus for me when he was a wee wun.  Not to mention the other two that blessed my life after Thang 1.   I am fully aware of the difficulties and challenges that working from home then (as now if he were still a wee wun) would present, but I’m going to put this in the “win” column.

I’m working from home AND I STILL HAVE A JOB!!

Oh wow!  Being in oil and gas, as a buyer specifically for oil and gas (and some energy, OK, some) that is definitely in the “win” column.   The huge global conglomerate that I work has been more than kind to me, even in the post closing of markets I support.  Bitter pill to swallow?  Yes.  But bitter not only for me but for those that I’ve supported over the years (yep, I’m eventually affected).

I get pup hugs!  Often!

Another bonus of working from home.  If you’ve been on a conference call or being the presenter on a web call of any sort, the post of the day parking in front of the house, oh! Amazon delivery (Hella YEAH ! Amazon trucks aren’t just Santa Claus) rando neighbors walking and the pups making it known to all “Get AWAY from my LAWN” — how many of you saw Grand Torino (and Clint Eastwood) in your head?

Yup.  Still do. Every time the pack alerts to activity in the front.  Not on my lawn, just the front of the house.   Def a notation in the “win” column.  If nothing else, for grins.

Oh and good coffee?  Not a problem.

I am a coffee snob.  Or so I thought, but I’ve decided that its probably the additives (chlorine and chloramines) in the water more so than the coffee itself.  I am a dedicated user of the filtered water function on the way cool ‘fridge the hub bought the fam a few years back.   Totally makes a difference.  I use the same “ugh” coffee from the ol’ officina, and it ain’t so bad.

And because I wear that filter out, guess what?  The pack goes off when Amazon delivers a new filter!  Just a bit of fun for me.  Totally a win!

Oh, and how do you interact with co workers?  Got that down!

So many things were installed for us to use; various instant message software (in addition to Outlook).  But 2020, we picked up the phone!

Wait.  What?!!  The phone?!

Yes.  We picked up the phone.

That prompted me to pick up the phone with every opportunity that presented. Coworkers, vendors, internal customers, external customers.  I picked up the phone.   If for nothing else, just to say “Hey!  Wassup?”

This whole 2020 thing while a big, huge speed bump in our life has shown us all to take a few bits and reflect that there has been good in all this, even when it appeared that nothing was good.  Struggles?  Yes.  Business and friend adversely affected?  Oh.  For damn sure.  But to only see the negativity that the year has been?  If that’s what you want to see, OK.

I can’t.

In a “Son of a NUTCRACKER” year, “Smiling’s my favorite” — Buddy the Elf (Elf, the movie).

I leave you with this — “We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.”  — Martin Luther King

Author: pegesam

I'm a mom to three boys and three rescue pups. I scored big when I married Rob, my best friend in the whole wide. We enjoy long walks thru the hood, hanging by the patio and pool with a refreshing beverage. In addition to pup hugs, I love long distance road biking, short distance mountian/trail biking and hours of Ingress and Pokemon Go. Nothing within the blog is original, however the interpretation of is that of years in the industry and / or what I have learned or researched on my own. Use at your own risk and give intell creds where and when due please. I have gone out of my way to protect the innocent and any similarities of events and circumstances are coincidental.

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