Back to the ol’ routine of things

Hey!!! Yup. It’s been a bit. Why? Well, I could go on and on about this or that with a sprinkling of that also, but nope. Just haven’t made the time.

What’s the line from the Steve Miller Band song (shout out to my dino rockers!) “Time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’ into the future!”

For me, time doesnt slip. It hauls ass.

Today’s post is a recognition of time is a precious commodity that demand far exceeds supply.

Two weeks ago school started for Thang 3. He’s a junior this year. Wow. How’d that happen and why did I let this baby grow up so fast? Mom’s know how crazy back to school can be. Clothes. Supplies. More clothes. Supplies exceeding anything I ever used in school. I thought I was going to be ahead of the game this year (see previous post of my attempts of planning).

Thursday before school is to start the following Monday, I’m reminded of my epic fail at this when I receive an email from 3’s counselor- “Can’t wait to see you Monday!”

Wait. What?!?!

For those that don’t know this already, Amazon (I do not receive monies for this plug), is a time saver. Over lunch, soon after reading that email, clothes and supplies ordered, arriving in 24 to 48 hours (it pays to be Prime sometimes).

Kid dressed to the 9’s, Day 1 of school – check.

Thang 2 is getting married in November. To stay in touch with that date… handy dandy app for that countdown

As the mother of the groom, I have to wear something more appropriate for this formal affair than shorts, my favorite rock concert T shirt (right now its GNR-thanks to my best gal pal for scoring that one for me) and flip flops. Part of that requirement is just the event and venue itself, the other part is the bride. She is a doll BTW. She firmly but gently reminded me I need to go dress shopping. And soon.

So Friday before the holiday we went. First shop, two dresses, selection and purchase made. All I can say is “HURRAY FOR MY SIDE!”

This evening I had full intentions of a blog worth reading for those in steel, especially for those up and coming, curious to learn and to apply knowledge when possible. Instead, I planned.

I’ll say it again.

I planned.

My direct supervisor would be pleased as punch to hear me say that! (Creds to ya, Pops, I have heard and heeded some of your wisdom.)

In the blogs coming, I hope to bring some organization (that word again) to the page that will be helpful. Its a big hope, I know. For those following, send me a note and tell me what you may like to see. As time hauls ass into the future, the site may change a bit for clarity and organization (oh damn, that word), so please be patient.

I leave you with this….

“Time is not measured by the passing of years, but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.” Jawaharlal Nehru

Author: pegesam

I'm a mom to three boys and three rescue pups. I scored big when I married Rob, my best friend in the whole wide. We enjoy long walks thru the hood, hanging by the patio and pool with a refreshing beverage. In addition to pup hugs, I love long distance road biking, short distance mountian/trail biking and hours of Ingress and Pokemon Go. Nothing within the blog is original, however the interpretation of is that of years in the industry and / or what I have learned or researched on my own. Use at your own risk and give intell creds where and when due please. I have gone out of my way to protect the innocent and any similarities of events and circumstances are coincidental.

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